Joe K. [5/5]

Here I am, about to write my first review. I have been thinking about learning how to dance for years, actually decades, but being naturally clumsy at any and all sports in my youth meant that I had no faith to learn anything that required physical co-ordination. It didn’t help that group dance classes on cruise ships quickly left me floundering in the dust (as it were). But necessity is the mother of invention, in my case, my daughter is getting married in a few months and of course there is a daddy-daughter dance scheduled, and I felt it was time to learn, now or never.

My wife is always going over those flyers one gets in the mail, and the one from Your 2 Left Feet caught her eye. The name alone was encouraging as I certainly felt I needed extra expertise to get started on a difficult goal. But what really pleased me was the special, low introductory price for two half-hour lessons. After my experience with gyms, which seem to want to hook you into long term contracts before you really know if it is for you, I felt like hey, here is a way to really try out dancing, see if I can really get this to work, before making a commitment.

Well, it hardly goes without saying that when we walked in the door for the first time we were blown away by the grace and easy charm of our instructor, MIchelle. She made us feel quite comfortable, almost like being at home with family. We spent a bit of time discussing what we wanted to accomplish and then we went to work, first on a basic rumba step and then the waltz. MIchelle is very good at breaking down the steps into little bits and having us work on those bits and then gradually assembling those bits into a complete dance. She excelled at observing where we were having problems and coming up with the adjustments or observations we exactly needed to master the problem before us. And, we had a great time too, the company was great making the whole experience an extremely satisfying way to learn.

So far, we have finished our third lesson and have taken a couple of group lessons too, and I and my wife couldn’t be happier. We are seeing real progress and as a bonus we have found a new and exciting way to spend an evening. Who knows, we might continue to take lessons long after the requirements of a daddy-daughter dance have been met.

Tanya L. [5/5]

When I started planning my wedding I knew immediately that I would love to take dance lessons with my fiancé for our first dance. I searched online for a few days and I came across this dance studio very close to home. I was a little nervous since this would be a first for both of us and we had no clue what to expect. 

I decided to e-mail the dance studio first and get pricing with more information about dance lessons. I also sent our wedding song that way they would know what we were looking for. I figured if they never responded then it wasn’t meant to be. Lucky me.. I received a response immediately from the owner – Michelle. Right off the bat I had a good vibe from her. In her e-mail she stated there was a special. $48 special for 2 private lessons. I figured we could give it a try. I called her and set-up a private lesson for Monday. 

When we arrived Monday we were a little scared but that all changed from the minute we were greeted by Michelle. Her personality was so contagious! Very outgoing and welcoming. Immediately we felt so comfortable. We chatted for a bit and the next thing you know… We were on the dance floor practicing some moves. After 30mins of practice we went over wedding packages. We decided to choose 5 private dance lessons with unlimited group lessons during the duration of the 5 private lessons. I loved that she had several packages to meet everyone’s needs. 

I admire the fact that we always receive a reminder call from Michelle to confirm our date and time of the private or group lesson. Very professional. 

The studio itself is very beautiful. Spacious dance floor with mirrors. The décor is super cute! 

When we left after our first dance lesson my fiancé and I were so impressed and excited. What convinced us to purchase this package was Michelle’s personality. We felt SO comfortable. She was so motivating. I am looking forward to this wonderful experience!! I can’t wait to show off our dance at our Wedding!