Bachata is quickly becoming one of today’s most popular Latin dances, but it was not always so. Bachata dates back as far as the 1960’s, in a time where the Dominican elite associated both the music and form of dance with crudeness and vulgarity. It wasn’t until the 1990’s that Bachata began to gain momentum. Musical artist Juan Luis Guerra won a Grammy in 1992 for his album ‘Bachata Rosa,’ which greatly aided in putting Bachata on the map as an appropriate type of music and dancing that could be socially acceptable.

Similar to country music, Bachata songs are often about love or heartache. With the use of the electric guitar, the melodies are often poignant and soulful; the sound aiding in Bachata’s growth as an international phenomenon. The dance is greatly influenced by Rumba and Bolero, and is in 4/4 timing. Today, Bachata is as popular as other Afro Latino dances, ranking in popularity with Salsa and Merengue.