Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

Q: Can I lose weight ballroom dancing?
A: Absolutely. Dance is a wonderful form of exercise that can be very low impact (depending on the dance style) and fun to do! It also helps define different muscle groups (legs, buttocks, torso, arms) because of the movement involved, giving a leaned and toned dancer’s look.

Q: Is ballroom dancing expensive?
A: It can be, depending on how far you want to develop your skills. At Your 2 Left Feet Dance Studio, we strive to make our lesson packages affordable so ballroom dance can become a hobby, and not just something done for a special event.

Q: Where will I use my skills once I learn how to dance?
A: Many students use their newfound skills on a variety of occasions: Evenings out with friends and colleagues, Cruises, Weddings, Birthday Parties, Family Gatherings, Night Clubs – some even compete at local competitions! There is always somewhere to use your dancing.

Q: What if I have Absolutely No Rhythm? Can I still learn to Dance?
A: Yes! Rhythm is merely another name for knowing how to count the beats of a song. If you can count, you can learn how to be more rhythmical. With a little effort, you’ll be dancing to the beat of your favorite songs in no time!

Q: Do I have to have a partner to dance?
A: Absolutely not! If you come alone you will be paired with an instructor who will teach and guide you through your journey of learning to dance.

Q: Do you offer Private Lessons or Group Lessons?
A: We offer both Private and Group Lessons at our dance studio.

Q: What is the difference between Private Lessons and Group Lessons?
A: Private Lessons are you (or you with a partner) and an instructor giving personal attention and teaching based on your skill level. Private instruction also allows for the lesson to move at your pace of learning. Group Classes are several individuals/couples learning a dance at the same time, but unlike Private lessons, Group Classes move at the pace of the majority of the students. If you are shy or a slower learner, it is suggested that you begin with Private Lessons to build your foundation of knowledge, and then try a Group Class to enhance your social dancing experience.

Q: We are getting married in a few weeks. Is there still time to get something choreographed for our 1st dance?
A: Yes. While it is suggested to give yourself at least 3 months before your wedding to start learning a first dance, we do have some emergency packages designed to help you learn something quick and easy so you can look suave and elegant on your special day.

Q: I’ve always wanted to have an AMAZING DANCE for my wedding, including a lift and a dip. Is this possible?
A: Of course! If you are looking to have that “WOW” factor on your big day, we suggest you come in early (4-6 months before your wedding) so that you have time to learn a host of different steps and add style and flair to them.

Q: I would like to have a father/daughter dance and a mother/son dance choreographed. Is that something you offer?
A: Yes we do. Separate packages can be purchased for these dances to be choreographed, or one big package can include a dance for you and your fiancé, your parents, and even your wedding party!

Q: Can I get a dance choreographed for my wedding party?
A: Yes. As stated above, you can purchase a package separately and use those lessons for your wedding party, or get a larger package and share out the lessons with everyone to keep down the expense (just make sure to save the bulk of the lessons for you and yours!)

Q: Do many people have dancing as a hobby? Or do they only come in to learn dance for special occasions?
A: There are many people that have dance as a hobby, just like golfing, tennis, or horseback riding is a hobby. It is a fun and exciting way to keep in shape, meet new people, and steal the show when you’re on the dance floor!

Q: What should I wear when I come to my lessons?
A: You will want to wear something comfortable that you can move easily in. It is suggested for men to wear a loafer or dress shoe; ladies should wear shoes that strap on to their feet and keep the heel under 4 inches (it will be easier to move this way).

Q: Do you teach children?
A: Sorry, we do not. We currently specialize in adults, ages 18 years +.

Q: I am 80 years old. Can I still dance?
A: Absolutely! Several ballroom dances are low impact, so they are not too hard on the joints. If you are elderly, our instructors take care to make sure you take breaks often and stay hydrated with plenty of water.

Q: Do I have to make an appointment, or can I just walk in?
A: You are welcome to walk in, but an appointment is necessary to receive private instruction. You can schedule this in person or call us at (954) 510-1509.