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Michelle Turner Kisielewicz is the owner and head instructor of Your 2 Left Feet Dance Studio.  Educated from the age of 5 in numerous styles of dance (including but not limited to ballet, jazz, tap, modern and hip-hop), she began her ballroom dance career later in life. Trained by professionals at Fred Astaire Dance Studios and earning her ballroom dance certification, she quickly rose in the ranks of ballroom dancers. Michelle honed her skills by winning professional competitions, instructing couples in private dance lessons, and developing wedding choreography.  Rumba, Bachata, Country 2 Step, Hustle, Swing, Waltz, Foxtrot & Tango are just a few of the many dance styles Michelle shares with her students.  She is looking forward to spreading the joy and excitement of ballroom dance with anyone who walks through the door with “2 Left Feet”!

Michelle Turner Kisielewicz Ballroom
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Sixto Valentin is a highly decorated professional dancer who has placed in World Mambo and Pro-Am Competitions.  Born and raised in New Jersey, Sixto began his dance journey more than 30 years ago; developing skills as a proficient social dancer and turning his talents professional.  Training and partnering with World Champion Suzy Thompson and various other talented professionals, Sixto enhanced his natural skills and now teaches a variety of Latin & Ballroom Dances.  Rumba, Cha-Cha, Salsa, Tango, Waltz, Bachata, and Merengue are just a hint of the widespread dance knowledge he has accumulated over the past 15 years of teaching professionally.  Fluent in Spanish and English, Six enjoys working with people who want to learn the magic of dance, and he is happy to share his talent with anyone who steps through the door with “2 Left Feet”!

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